quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013

Saturday Morning (foreword to the weekend)

Last Saturday I woke up early in the morning and left bed to live my weekend. And the thoughts came to me like this:
It's Saturday morning and most people see it as a good day. Why's that? Because we have two whole work-free days on which to do whatever we please. Well I must confess I don't like my job much. I guess this is one of the biggest trouble in one's life if one is not enthusiastic about his/her job. I mean: waking-up sleepy and lethargic every morning early, to go where you don't want to and do something you don't really enjoy doing. Ok friends, that all may be sort of childish from me, I admit that. But I can't help wondering how great must it be for someone to wake-up every Monday morning to start a new week and feeling glad by knowing he/she's going to spend the next 8 hours in a place he/she finds pleasant and doing something he/she likes. Yeah, maybe I'm just being childish... Does this life even exist for anyone? For many people I believe it does, but do they represent most people? I'll keep the faith that someday my daily life will be like that, and I struggle hard for it to happen, you bet people. In my free time I study a lot and do whatever's at my reach to be working someday at something fulfilling to me. I do what's possible for me to do, but who knows? Well... Maybe "working" doesn't necessarily have to go along with "enjoying". But I'm trying hard, folks. Is it possible to make such a huge change in your life when you're almost 40? Will there be time for that yet?

Then I suddenly remembered a brother of mine telling me that changing our lives is possible when we believe it.  That’s a very attractive statement, I agree. But still, I think some facts in life operate in a random and chaotic way so to speak. There's nothing certain and no guarantees at all. Well, almost nothing. For instance, if I work hard and drive all my energy and effort to some objective, it's certain that the chances for it to happen will increase. That's guaranteed: the more I work towards getting something, the more likely I am to get it. But that's the whole point: if the possibility for something to happen is increased, it doesn't mean that it will happen.
So we must fight and try hard at all times. But we don't fight with grounds that we know we'll get to victory. We fight just to expand our possibilities of a non-guaranteed future victory. That said, it's not necessarily about victory. It's all about fighting. So perhaps the focus shoudn't be aimed to victory but to the process of fighting itself.

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